About the cartoon

Welcome to the worlds of Kevin Spin

Kevin Spin is a free web cartoon created by Martin Rücker which – each day, allows you to re-live those all-too-familiar comic situations from the parallel worlds of corporate and political life – in the comfort and safety of your own desktop. Kevin Spin is both a CEO and an influential politician whose excesses entertain as well as enrage the other long-suffering characters who share his virtual world.

On you’ll find not only comic strips but also illustrations, news from Kevin’s world and much, much more. All the images on this site are free for you to use for non-commercial purposes. But Kevin and the other characters also look pretty neat on commercial presentations, websites, intranets, brochures and so on. If this is how you want to use the images, do please contact me and I’ll see how best to help you.

Thank you for visiting Kevin Spin!

Kevin’s pedigree

One rainy day - in my boss’s office, I realized that the best way to combat corporate lowlifes like those Machiavellian manipulators who cut their first reading teeth not on “Cinderella” but on “The Prince”, those folks who regard being “economical” with the truth as the “missing” eighth virtue of antiquity and those determined go-getters whose muddy footprints are to be found on the backs of the downtrodden masses….. is to make fun of them.

At this very moment, a small mass of protoplasm - that was to become Kevin, lodged itself in my frontal lobe – the process of creation had begun! Although Kevin is a completely fictitious person, he embodies the traits and tics of people we all know only too well.

Kevin is a classically-trained manipulator and self-indulgent egoist who has had little or no experience of real life – as it is lived by the “great unwashed”. Born into a wealthy family and educated at only the best schools, universities and graduate schools, Kevin assumed his rightful, predestined position as head of the family's multinational corporation.

Despite all the comfort and wealth with which Kevin is surrounded, he has the nagging suspicion that there might just be a “little something” missing in his life. From time to time, he catches glimpses of human intimacy, love and compassion in his world. But – despite his very best endeavors, such sensations seem – frustratingly, to be just beyond his corporate grasp. Clumsiness…or just plain bad luck?

As the cosmic dust from the “big bang” of Kevin’s creation began to settle, other satellite characters began to emerge in Kevin’s cosmos. Carol Roll, Mary and Tim Strong are ordinary folk who experience real life up close and personal – in ways that elude Kevin. Their very existence helps define the outer limits of Kevin’s vast ego-system. They act as our ambassadors to the court of Spin, the amazing artificial world where Kevin is king.

Creating Kevin Spin

Amusing insights into the world of Kevin Spin take shape each day in the form of a comic cartoon strip. In these strips - in just three panels, key events in the life of Kevin and his supporting cast of characters are captured.

Each cartoon strip springs from a simple, initial observation. The idea gradually matures over lunch in a restaurant, on the train travelling home, and while cutting the grass – yes, we have lots of grass! And when an idea reaches its full term, out it pops as a strip or illustration.

The process of drawing a strip starts with outline sketches of the main characters. Then text “bubbles” are typed in to define the interaction between the characters. Finally, out comes the ink to firm up the outlines, colors to breathe life into the strip and the “finishing touches” – shadows, are applied to add movement.

Once the strip’s been drawn, it’s translated into the relevant languages and sent for final review to our in-house team of professional reviewers.

About the Author

I was born a few years after the allied forces - led by the Soviet Union, occupied what was then Czechoslovakia. It was a time of gray facades, uniform clothing and meaningless slogans. Among the many manifestations of the new “lack of freedom” was the absence of traditional cartoons….and toilet paper.

The Velvet Revolution finally restored this lost world of traditional cartoons and brought with it fresh, new sources of inspiration. Despite my long-standing love affair with cartoons, my life hurried off in an altogether different direction. In the first heady years of freedom, I graduated from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering as a mathematical engineer and shortly afterwards entered the sexy, modern world of IT.

My first job was as a programmer. But - after some time, I moved on to become a software architect and development team leader. I was responsible for managing projects, staying in contact with customers and designing large software systems. My key accountabilities were to deliver projects on time and within budget, to ensure that new applications communicated with pre-existing ones and to keep customers happy.

After more than fifteen years in IT, I still find it difficult to deliver projects on time when customers don’t really know what they want to achieve and constantly chop and change the project requirements. I’ve also found it difficult to ensure that applications communicate with one another, when customers forget to tell you about the applications they already own. And above all, I’ve learned that customers are never satisfied - even when you offer to lay down your life for them.

With these – and many similar experiences firmly behind me, I determined to “divorce” corporate life in pursuit of freedom as an independent IT consultant….and – more importantly, in fulfillment of my life-long ambition to become a cartoonist…and midwife to Kevin Spin.


Kevin Spin could never have seen the light of day without the assistance of many kind and generous people. And so, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in making this dream come true. Thank you!

Martin Rucker