Kevin Spin Kevin Spin
Kevin is the CEO of the Kevin Spin Corporation - SpinCorp. However – a few years back, this born-again “man of the people” succumbed to the nagging sensation that there was “something” missing in his otherwise full life – political power and patronage! Following a brief but predictably successful campaign, Senator Kevin Spin assumed his rightful position in the political fundament; he has been uncompromising in his defence of the rights and interests of all his constituents. Kevin now views public service as his primary vocation and will – of course, be running again for the Senate at the next election.
Carol Roll Carol Roll
Carol is a special correspondent for The Dependent. With previous experience as the paper’s Financial, Business and Political correspondents, Carol is well qualified for her current investigative assignment into the links between organized crime, corporate and political life. However, she suspects that too many of her best pieces – still awaiting publication, are – in reality, hovering over the editor’s spike! Carol frequently finds herself interviewing Kevin Spin….. She enjoys her coffee-fix – at least five venti’s a day, de-stresses with her daily kick-boxing workout at the gym, and enjoys relaxing with a large glass of wine and a tear-jerking romantic movie.
Tim Strong Tim Strong
Tim Strong is employed as a senior software developer at SpinCorp. Tim is addicted to fine-tuning overdue projects and providing customer support on weekends. He likes pizza with coke and computer games, owns four smartphones, and enjoys sleepovers in the office. But most of all, he would like a girlfriend.
Mike Spike Mike Spike
Mike Spike is a much-decorated, three-star general who came to the public’s attention as a result of his somewhat Pattonesque behavior during the military campaign in Silberia. General Spike and Senator Spin keep in close touch with one another – only to be expected given their shared concerns over the ongoing situation in Silberia. Mike is reported to enjoy the music of J.S.Bach, hamburgers and the historic evolution of frag grenades.
Mary Mary
Mary is a cute, five-year-old girl who lives with her parents close to the Spin house. When he’s in town, the Senator frequently comes across Mary – on her way to kindergarten, somewhere in the public park that separates the Spin house from SpinCorp Towers. Mary loves candy, ice cream, and chocolate, but hates cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. To date, Mary has still not received any candy from Kevin – but lives in constant hope. She enjoys watching Tom and Jerry.
Albert Wood Albert Wood
Albert Wood is a line manager with SpinCorp. He has a staff of seven including Tim Strong. Albert’s “intuitive” business acumen and managerial judgment remain unclouded by institutionalised learning or previous relevant experience, yet his aspirations are without limit. Albert takes a narcissistic interest in himself and has boundless admiration for his hero - Kevin Spin.
Professor Gary Professor Gary
Professor Gary Nowak - aka Professor Gary, is one of the great geniuses of our time. He is a distinguished member of many eminent scientific bodies and government commissions. He is credited with breakthrough discoveries in neuroscience, astronomy, quantum physics, mycology, linguistics, and entomology. A recognized polymath, Professor Gary likes the Beatles, surfing and Belgian chocolate pralines.


Note: All characters are fictitious and have nothing in common with any living person, even if you feel otherwise.